Examples of landscaping & decor. (I’d be more than happy to show you my landscaping and decorating in person upon request.)

More can also be found here:

Aleriah Laurent Flickr

SL17B Auditorium test area & Festival test area decorations

All the images are raw and not edited in photoshop.

Festival / Live Stage test area

SL17B Live Stage test area_001

SL17B Live Stage test area_004

SL17B Live Stage test area_006

SL17B Live Stage test area_008

SL17B Live Stage test area_009

Auditorium test area

SL17B Auditorium Stage test area_001

SL17B Auditorium Stage test area_002

SL17B Auditorium Stage test area_004

SL17B Auditorium Stage test area_007

SL17B Auditorium Stage test area_011

Private Second Life home (still under construction/decoration):

Beach WIP

Beach (WIP)

Dining room

Dining area


Kitchen (WIP)

Posesion Productions – XXX Event
Graphical Designer & Photographer.

See notecard in world.

MadPea Productions
Graphical Designer & Photographer.

I also did ad photos for MadPea, but unfortunately those are no longer available in official form, because the items/events/games are retired.
I can provide gyazos upon request.


Madpea – House on a Cliff.


MadPea – Missouri Mystery Motel Gacha
(Also decorated for and took the photos for the polaroid camera and edited them to look like polaroids).


Lucky Wheels – Happiness (PNG assignment for MadPea Productions “Mad World”).


Lucky Wheels – Electric (PNG assignment for MadPea Productions “Mad World”).


Lucky Wheels – Lucky (PNG assignment for MadPea Productions “Mad World”).

Bellisseria wedding of Red Woodward & Red Daidig.
Gallery with more images


Vanilla Bae

Some of these are animated, not static and also made for use with the costumers own AO. For “in action” view, feel free to contact me.


Cookie tray hold Official ad


Clipboard and stethoscope poses. Official ad

Clutch & Shoes Official ad

48729725257_8e2c14d307_oDress poses Offcial ad

46577884415_95a8cef04c_oDuster Official ad

Towels, popsicles, fruit, shoes poses Official ad