I first came to SL a few years back and immediately got swept up in the various types of RP. Prior to SL, I had been RPing in various other games/platforms, mostly as an elf. Since joining Second Life, I’ve been a na’vi, a drow, a Victorian maiden, native American and lots more. However, in my heart, I’ve always been an elf.

A lot has changed over the years, my favorite role-play sims have been closed down for various reasons, and life took unexpected -positive- turns, which now has brought me to making this blog – with a lot of hard work at improving my pictures, as well as encouragement from my boyfriend and my dear sister and mentor. ♥

In this blog, I will cover my favorite designers, events – RP as well mainstream – and give you my bid on how to put all the gorgeous creations together to make you and your home look the part.

I will post the item name – and set it belongs to if that’s the case as I’ve had a lot of headaches, trying to figure out what set certain items were included in, designer name, event name, event dates and provide LMs for events, however, not for stores, as they keep changing locations all the time. As an avid shopper and blog reader in SL, this has caused me a great deal of hassle when trying to find out, where the shop relocated to.

Second life name: Lillbirdee


  • Want me to include your store in my blog, send me a notecard with your resident name, store name, along with an LM and I will check it out. However, if your creations doesn’t fit my style, they won’t go on my blog.
  • For each fantasy event, please let me know at least two weeks before, so I have time to do your creation justice with a proper set up. I will create a post that includes my chosen creations from the event in question, combined with fitting accessories or clothing, hair, props and sceneries.
  • My posts won’t include outright sexual items, such as ball gags, crosses, whips and the like, so if you are contemplating contacting me about blogging putting such creations on my blog, I just saved you time. 🙂
  • I will post my pictures and links to this blog on my Flickr and in appropriate groups.

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