The greatest gift you can give someone, is to let them know they are important to you.

Christmas is nearing with hasty steps, and it is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the atmosphere and feeling of Christmas. There are these lovely little Christmas markets popping up around the country with various food, knickknacks and so forth, and I used to go there a every year with my family. With covid raging, that will unfortunately not happen this year – but I really look forward to this month regardless, since now I have Mat and a lot more good friends to celebrate with right here in SL – people who are like family to me as well. ❤

Truth – Serenity.
Salt&Pepper – Molly @ Santa Inc.
AMD – Loungewear socks.
Salt&Pepper – Molly @ Santa Inc.


Minimal – Let it snow @ Collabor88.
Christmas Cards:
Atelier Burgundy – Greetings Card Clutter @ Uber.
Christmas Tree:
Astralia – Noelle Christmas Tree and gifts @ Uber.
E.marie // Cocoa Gift.
KraftWork – Christmas Poem Night Pillows.
KraftWork – Christmas Poem Night Rug.
Hive // simple skybox.

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