What am I leaving when I am done here?

The news of the death of Autumn Rose hit me harder than expected, given that I do not know her personally. It made me think of what I would leave behind if I died tomorrow, how spend my time on in SL, which is work, work, work and more work. I work so much that I barely have time to make a human connection, other than work related ones, and if that isn’t what SL is for – making connections – then what is it for? I realized that only about 4 people from SL would know I was gone, and that’s because we’re connected outside of SL. It has really put things in perspective for me, and I’ll definitely be making some changes in order to socialize more and not just fill my SL with work.


Chain, Skirt & Top:
Tachinni – Bianca set @ Access.
Tachinni – Bianca Chain.
Tachinni – Bianca Skirt.
Tachinni – Bianca Top.

Exile:: Lily
Addams // Melissa Denim Jacket.

MINIMAL – Lisbon Tram Scene @ Kustom9.

LISP – Victorian Streetlamp – Noir.


Amitie – Guitar Case @ ShinyShabby.

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