Forest clearing

Forest clearing

.Aisling. Miris by Druunah Esharham @ Aisling mainstore.
Erratic / basics – tube top / darks by Erratic Rain – New @ Erratic mainstore.
[EZ] Averndale bow by Deccan Arida @ The Forge & EZ Weaponry mainstore.
FATEplay Cloak – Lanne (Bento) by Damien Fate @ Fateplay mainstore.
**RE** Jassy Corset Gloves by Crashnnow @ Realevil Industries mainstore.
S&P – Dee corset Lara (Anniversary gift) by xxsaltandpepperxx – New @ Salt&Pepper mainstore.
(Stitched) Galadriel Boots by Eposhair @ Stitched mainstore.
[The Forge] Arwen’s Belt by Deccan Arida @ The Forge & EZ Weaponry mainstore.
[The Forge] Drunna Chest Piece by Deccan Arida @ The Forge & EZ Weaponry mainstore.
TRUTH / Farryn by Truth Hawks @ Truth Hair mainstore.
=Zenith=Wood Elf Ranger Leather Knife (gacha) by Miffyhoi Rosca @ =Zenith= mainstore.

Jian – Grey Wolf Collection by JianSL @ Jian mainstore.

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